Anti-Viral Fogging

Biocidal Anti-Bacterial Fogging Service Covid 19

Our Anti-Viral Fogging Service is available to help protect you in your home or place of work. 


Unlike traditional cleaning, our Anti-Viral Fogging Service kills viruses and bacteria where they lie, preventing them from being transferred from one place to another (cross-contamination).


This treatment can be used to treat small, large and hard-to-reach areas in a short period of time, providing our clients with peace of mind in the workplace. 

A certificate of sanitisation is provided upon completion.

Our expert team are able to attend your premise within 12 hours, and we are CPD certified in managing disinfection and hygiene 

Benefits of Anti-Viral Fogging

  • We use a powerful biocidal cleaner that kills 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19. 

  • Our government-approved products provide 99.9999% sterilisation in just 15 seconds. 

  • Specially formulated to achieve surface- and airborne-disinfection. 

  • Does not require rooms to be sealed off for long periods of time.  

  • Non-corrosive and food safe.  

  • Skin Neutral PH and non-irritant

  • Contains no alcohol, is non-flammable, has no COSHH implications

  • Suitable for use in Hospitals, Care Homes, Schools, Hotels, Residential Houses, Gyms and Offices

Our team of trained professionals use specialised equipment to fill each room or area with a fine mist of 10-micron particles. As the particles settle onto all surfaces, our powerful sterilising agent acts quickly to kill 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria that may be present, including COVID-19.


Our machines are able to generate small droplets of specialised disinfectant which will completely cover all objects, furniture, furnishings and any hard-to-reach areas. This process significantly reduces pathogens when compared to conventional cleaning, leaving you with a cleaner and safer working environment. 

Your workplace will be free of 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria six hours after cleaning.